Get to Know Us – Read Our Stories & Personal Journeys

We come from many different backgrounds, but we’re connected through our love for God and one another. We invite you to get to know us personally. We’ve put together the following personal stories written by us – members of Solid Rock Church. We hope our stories speak to you, inspire you, and encourage you. Thank you for reading!

Amy’s Story

“Initially what drew me to Jesus was the fact that I was pregnant. It was my senior year in college, and I truly had no support. Many were trying to talk me into having an abortion, including my child’s father. I was broken…”

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Josh’s Story

“While in California, I got into drugs, alcohol, and tried Transcendental Meditation, but nothing seemed to fill that ‘gap.’”

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Angela’s Story

“Although my parents had raised me in church, as I came into my high school years, I began to search for acceptance from my peers. I became heavily involved in the party scene. Hardly a day passed without me being high or drunk.”

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