Josh's Story

Meet Josh

Josh was raised in a Catholic family but struggled to find a connection to God. After he graduated, Josh joined the Navy in California. He searched and searched, but inner peace alluded him.

Josh didn’t know it at the time, but God had a plan for his life.

How It Began

In 1972, I graduated from school and joined the U.S. Navy. While in the service, I attended Mass several times, but not every week. I did it due to the feeling of guilt if I missed service. I felt like I was a puzzle but had a piece missing.

While in California, I got into drugs, alcohol, and tried Transcendental Meditation, but nothing seemed to fill that “gap.”

I met and married Sharon in 1980. We would attend Mass once in a while, but as the years went by it became less and less.

God Knows the Plan He has for You

As 1990 was approaching, with two sons, something started stirring in my wife and me to get back to some kind of religious life, if not for us, at least for the boys.

Sharon spoke with a good friend of hers from her high school days about God. She was Apostolic and filled with the Holy Spirit. The more they talked, the more desire that was for Sharon to have that kind of relationship. She started attending church and loved it. She took the boys many times with her. She tried several times to get me to go, but I was reluctant to just jump into a church.

Plans to Prosper You & Not to Harm You

As Easter Sunday 1990 approached, I decided to go to service.

We got into the building during worship service. People were jumping, raising their hands, shouting, etc. For a Catholic boy, this was shockingly different.

I probably would have walked out then, but the look on their faces was peace, joy, and love. I also recognized several people that worked at DTE Energy’s Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant with me. They were in maintenance and engineering, so I knew they were “stable” and not fanatics or crazy.

When the preaching started, I was fascinated. The service was so good, I decided to go a few more times. After about a month or so, my desire to know more of God was so strong I went every time the doors were opened.

Plans to Give You Hope & a Future

In November of 1990, I got baptized in Jesus’ Name and, in March of 1991, received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Years later, when we came to Solid Rock Church, it felt “right,” and we eventually became involved in the ministry of Solid Rock Church.

We continue to be blessed by this church to this day.

Your Journey

Do you feel an emptiness in your life, like something is missing? Do you constantly search for more but never find it? You can find hope and peace!

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