Angela's Story

Meet Angela

Angela was searching for love and acceptance, but she kept coming up short. Through her tumultuous teenage years, she experienced pain, shame, and abuse. Pregnant and alone, she had nowhere to turn. But God didn’t give up on Angela. He was with her, even in her darkest hours.

God called Angela to Him, and He patiently waited for her to understand that His love was exactly what she’d been searching for all along.

Searching for Acceptance

Although my parents had raised me in church, as I came into my high school years, I began to search for acceptance from my peers. I became heavily involved in the party scene. Hardly a day passed without me being high or drunk.

I also began to search for acceptance in relationships and found myself in many dangerous and abusive situations. I lived a life of anger and violence towards others and joined a gang to fill my need for acceptance.

Pregnant at 16

At 16, I discovered that I was pregnant; a fact that I hid from my family until it was time to give birth. Even after the birth of my son, I continued to live a life of alcoholism and drugs, seeking acceptance from those who wouldn’t judge me for the poor choices I was making.

God Works for the Good of Those Who Love Him

Two months before graduating high school, I took personal inventory and decided to try to get my life back on track. With my son being a motivating factor, and with the help and counsel of others, I was slowly able to stop drinking and doing drugs.

However, the decision to break up with my boyfriend led to threats of bodily harm, and I was forced to have a restraining order against him. On the night of the high school prom, I gathered with a few friends at a non-alcoholic after party.

My ex-boyfriend, recently released from jail, showed up and violently beat and kidnapped me. With my face and prom dress full of blood from a broken nose, I remember laying in the floorboard of that car, pleading with God to get me out of this mess.

Nothing Can Separate Us from God’s Love

For the next three days, my ex-boyfriend held me captive in his home, and I feared he would take my life. During this time, I made a commitment to God that if he would help me, I would be faithful to Him and raise my son in church. I was able to sneak away and finally made it back to my family and son. Because of my injuries, I was taken to the hospital where a nurse so delicately and kindly cared for me. As she was treating me, she invited me to her church where revival services were being held. This was the beginning of the rest of my life.

Hold to Hope, for God is Faithful

I would like to tell you that the following months and years were easy, but my life was so full of shame and hurt, that I just didn’t feel like I belonged.

One evening at church, when I was 20 years old, I felt God wrap his arms around me as I prayed I received the Holy Spirit and I was baptized in Jesus’ Name.

Living for God is a process, and in the following months and years, God continued to help me deal with the shame that had been looming over my life.

The Lord is My Shepherd, I Lack Nothing

Today, 21 years later, I can honestly tell you that giving my life to the Lord was the best decision I ever made.

I married a man in the church, who became the father of my son. We have given our lives to the service of the Lord and have been blessed to serve in youth and pastoral ministry as well as many other things throughout the years.

Today, we have added three beautiful girls to our family, and our son went on to graduate from Bible College and become the music minister at Solid Rock Church.

The Gift of God is Grace

When we came to Solid Rock Church, we were immediately impressed by the passion and vision. While many churches appear satisfied to simply grow within themselves, Solid Rock Church is focused on starting new churches in communities that need the true Gospel.

At Solid Rock Church, we have found a place of safety for our family. Our girls have found acceptance and love within their age-specific groups and are growing in God. We are so thankful that God has allowed us to be involved in ministry at Solid Rock Church and we are so excited to see what the future holds!

Your Journey

Are you struggling with substance abuse or addiction? Maybe you’ve found yourself in an abusive relationship and can’t get out. Whatever the case, we’re here to help you.

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